Hostage Negotiation Team

Solano County Sheriff's Office

The negotiation effort is far more than a team of negotiators talking to a "bad guy" over the telephone. What negotiators are saying to the subject is only part of the message being conveyed to him. In a sense, every crisis management component is part of the negotiation effort.

The Hostage Negotiation Team of the Solano County Sheriffs Office has been in effect since 1999. The first team comprised of members being sworn, non-sworn and civilian staff. Every critical incident is unique and requires a game plan of its own, just as each ballgame is unique and requires a game plan of its own. Some subjects can be persuaded and coaxed, while others need a little pressure to do the right thing.

The hostage negotiations team is just that, a team. As with all teams to be effective must train together on a regular basis. The team has trained with the SWAT team and look forward to further training sessions in order to benefit both the teams by becoming more familiar with each teams role.

Currently there are eight dedicated and proud team members that believe in what they do and look forward to the continued development and sharing of their knowledge. All eight of the team members offer different personalities, skills and talents that contribute greatly to the success of the team.

The team is available 24 hrs a day to any and all hostage/crisis related Incidents County wide as well as within the jail facilities.