Solano County Zoning Administrator
Department Support
Resource Management
Contact Person
Michael Yankovich,
Planning Program Manager
(707) 784-6765 (707) 784-4805
Enabling Legislation
California Government Code ยง65900 and Chapter 2 of the Solano County Code, Article II, Division
The Zoning Administrator shall be a qualified member of the Resource Management staff, designated by resolution of the Board of Supervisors upon recommendation of the Planning Commission who shall normally be available to the public during regular office hours.
Responsibilities and Duties
  • Administer the zoning plan in accord with the provisions of the zoning ordinance and the instructions of the Planning Commission.
  • Hear and decide applications for conditional uses, other permits required by the zoning ordinance and other duties such as zoning approval that are authorized by the zoning ordinance..
  • Hear and decide applications for Tentative Parcel Maps, Parcel Maps, and Lot Line Adjustments that are authorized by the Subdivision Ordinance.