Public Defender

Mission Statement

“The mission of the Solano County Public Defender is to defend the poor, the friendless, the abused, the down-trodden and the mentally ill with compassion, respect, creativity and determination. In doing this, we guard the rights of all people by defending the Constitution.”

Our Goals:

1. Treat each client with dignity
2. Fight for a fair legal system
3. Tenaciously litigate for our clients
4. Provide client-centered representation
5. Proactively seek new knowledge
6. Collaborate as a team
7. Strive for continued excellence

Core Values:

Culture of Excellence:
- We are hardworking, dedicated and committed
- We are a team for our clients
- We celebrate and promote diversity
- We pursue learning and innovation
- We are loyal advocates
- We strive for excellence

Tenacious Advocacy:
- The Constitution is not a technicality
- We are passionate and fearless in the face of power
- We are not afraid of a challenge
- We are innovative, dynamic and creative in our legal strategies
- We fight against an unfair system

Client-Centered Representation:
- We strive to achieve our clients’ objectives
- We listen to and we are responsive to our clients
- We respect and advocate for the dignity of each individual
- Our clients are not just a number
- We believe in our clients and we help them succeed