General Information
Weights & Measures
Weights and Measures enforces laws and regulations associated with transactions involving a count, weight or measure to ensure fair trade and equity in the marketplace.
  • Consumer Complaints - Timely response to consumer complaints and inquiries.
  • Device Inspections - Inspect, test and seal over 5,000 commercial weighing and measuring devices each year. Devices are located at farmers markets, produce stands, grocery stores, gas stations, retail and wholesale distributors, mobile home and recreational vehicle parks, and marinas.
  • Repaired Devices - Verify accuracy of devices that have been repaired once a "placed in service report" has been received from a weighing or measuring device service agency.
  • Retail and Wholesale Audits - Assure the accuracy of marketplace transactions involving count, weight or measure including minimum standards for packaging and labeling.
  • Retail and Wholesale Test Purchases - Conduct test purchases to confirm that correct and legal procedures are used when commodities are weighed or packaged at the point of sale or sold via a price scanning system.
  • Licensed Weighmasters - Conduct inspections to assure that correct and legal procedures are followed by weighmasters when they verify commercial weights.
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