Homeacres Neighborhood Revitalization Plan

The Homeacres Home Improvement Program seeks to improve the conditions of owner-occupied homes and are conducting a survey to determine interest in a program to provide low cost loans or grants for home repairs and energy efficiency improvements.  We would appreciate your survey comments as we develop this program to serve your community:

Tagalog Homeacres Home Rehab Survey

English Homeacres Home Rehab Survey

Spanish Homeacres Home Rehab Survey

2022 Cleanup Day - October 15 (Unincorporated Vallejo Residents Only)

Recology Vallejo - Solano Views Newsletter (4/2022)

Homeacres Improvement Association of Solano County, Inc.
Date:  Every 3rd Wednesday of the month
Time:  6pm – 8pm
Location:  Greater Vallejo Recreation District @
Norman King Center

Donald Tipton, Treasurer
(707) 642-0486

List of Digital Resources in Solano County

Internet Subscription Subsidies (Dependent on ISP participation)

Affordable and Accessible Digital Device Programs

Digital Literacy Skills Programs

Funding Opportunities and subsidies for local organizations, CBOs, nonprofits, etc.