Nutrition and Growth

Nutrition and Physical Activity for Mother and Baby

Nutrition is important for mother to maintain her health during pregnancy and lactation. 

Information for Mothers - Pregnant and Breastfeeding 
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       Nutrition and Physical Activity California Department of Public Health

Baby's primary food for the first 6 months of life is breast milk.  As the baby grows, providing the appropriate complementary foods in a healthy manner is important.      
Starting solids 

Weaning (See Index) has been started when food other than breastmilk is being provided. 

Feeding following infant cues for the normal, full-term healthy baby helps to avoid overfeeding.  Watching and following the cues babies give of hunger and satiation (I'm full) helps to reduce the risk of obesity in later life. 

Sometimes babies want a break (disengagement) or want to play (engagement) - instead of being fed, but parents may assume baby is hungry when what they really want is time together!  PLAY will your baby, sing, dance, be active - it's good for you both!
See handout "Moving and Eating" - English (Word) (PDF) Spanish (Word) (PDF)

Baby Behavior (see Index) helps us to identify when baby is hungry - when he/she is full - and when they want to play or take a break.  The
Secrets of Baby Behavior has many resources and information to help better understand the language of babies, and help parents react accordingly.