Breastfeeding education which includes guidelines and handouts, and resources for our culturally diverse community.  Providing information for moms, caregivers/ providers.  This may include breastfeeding information for mothers, fathers, grandmothers, adoptive parents, nannies.

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 Professional Education 
        US Breastfeeding Committee: 
             Core Competencies in Breastfeeding for all Health Professionals

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Professional Education )
        (Also see California Breastfeeding Coalition Breastfeeding Education 

Handouts for moms 

Normal Infant information (See Handouts) 
      Baby Behavior (See Baby Behavior in Index) 
     Returning to work tip sheet (See Working Mothers) 
     Handouts those who will care for your baby (See Child Care) 
     Milk Banking (See Banking, Human Milk)

    Solano County Handouts