Drowning Prevention
The Health Promotion and Community Wellness Bureau received California Kids' Plates grants in 2000 and 2001 to develop educational and promotional materials on swimming pool safety. We also provide local building inspectors with information about the Swimming Pool Safety Act of 1997.

This page is for information and resources only. Currently, the Health Promotion and Community Wellness Bureau does not have funding for drowning prevention services.

Program Staff & Subcontractors
Health Promotion and Community Wellness Bureau staff

California Drowning Prevention Network provides technical support

Contact Information
Marilyn Sexton
(707) 784-2113
MS 5-240

[email protected] 

Program Services
Educational materials and referrals are available by request and at the web sites listed below.

Click on Web Links 
Drowning Prevention Foundation
National Drowning Prevention Alliance
California Kids' Plates
Safety Tips Drowning Prevention Information
California Department of Health Services
US Consumer Product Safety Commission
Swimming Pool Safety 
Pool Safety
Safe Kids USA

Learn more about the California Law called The Swimming Pool Safety Act (Assembly Bill-3305 passed in 1996.) If you plan to build a pool, refer to Section 115920 of the California Health and Safety Code at Legislative Info  or California Assembly Bills.