Department Of Information Technology

Mission Statement

Solano County Department of Information Technology will provide customer-oriented and convenient access to information and services through the use of technology; anytime - anywhere. The County will strive for cost-effective use of technology, with interactive exchange and sharing of data within departments, with constituents, with other governments and business partners.

Department Description and Functionality

Solano County Department of Information Technology's guiding principles are:

  1. County IT exists to support and facilitate access to County information for the public and its employees and to help the County conduct its business in a fast and easy manner.
  2. The County IT systems will support the business goals of the County in an efficient, cost-effective manner.
  3. The County IT systems will be safe and secure, and will provide an integration mechanism to streamline business practices.
  4. The County will provide ongoing technology training for staff.
  5. The County will provide opportunities for constituents to utilize technology in their interaction with the County.
  6. Constituents and County employees will continue to share and exchange information using multiple channels.