Meet our Teams

Establishment: When you need to establish a child support order or reopen a case, your case begins with our Establishment Team.

If no order exists:
*Establishment will open the case and conduct initial interviews to gather information to calculate child support. 
*Once information is gathered a Guideline Calculation is created and legal documents are generated.
*These legal documents are called the Summons & Complaint and Proposed Judgement, and they are served to the Parent Paying Support.
*Once the order is finalized either by Default, Stipulation, or Motion (going to court) it is returned to our office and uploaded into our system.
 ** Order gets established - if no order**
 ** Sets up case- if there is already an order.**

Early Intervention: Once an order is established or it is the first time our office will be enforcing it moved to our Early Intervention Team.

*Initial team to enforce an order for at least 90 days.
*They will assist Parents Paying Support in understanding how our enforcement works.
*Collects initial payments before Income Withholdings are in place.

Special Teams ( Enforcement)
 Child Support Resolutions Team (CSRT): When cases have not paid in six months or more are referred to this team.
* Specialized staff