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Board of Supervisors to honor 54 centenarians

September 18, 2019

SOLANO COUNTY – Everyone is invited to join the Solano County Board of Supervisors and the Solano County Senior Coalition as they recognize and celebrate some of Solano County's oldest residents at the fourteenth annual centenarian commemoration on Tuesday, September 24 starting at 11 a.m. in the County Administration Center Board Chambers, 675 Texas Street in Fairfield.

This year 54 centenarians were identified as living in Solano County, with 19 confirmed attending the September 24 celebration.  Together they have a combined 5,483 years of life experience.

The Board will recognize centenarians with a short video presentation, followed by an interactive session where they will try and uncover the secrets to living a long, healthy and fulfilling life.

Since the event started in 2006, the Board has honored 170 centenarians, the oldest of them, Marie West, who reached super-centenarian status in January, 2011.  Super-centenarians are 110 years or older and occur at a rate of about 1 in 7 million people – with an estimated 60-70 super-centenarians in the United States.  Although there are no super-centenarians in attendance this year, some are getting close.  Reta Wills, the oldest known living Solano County resident is 108 years old.  Lucy Higgs and Valerie Haycock are both 107 years old and Perle Williams is 106.

The following centenarians will be acknowledged by the Board of Supervisors and Solano County Senior Coalition at Tuesday’s meeting, including:

From the City of Benicia
Peter Caggiano, age 99 (turning 100 in December)
From the City of Fairfield
Viola Josey, age 100
Teruo "Ted" Miyagishima, age 100
Virginia Noordyk, age 100
Dorothy Hines, age 100
Charles “Charlie” Parsons, age 100
Eddie Mae Crummie, age 100
Lois Dittmer, age 100
Richard Marsch, age 100
Stanley Emerson, age 100
Linda Vasey, age 101
Mildred Healy, age 101
Irene Bruce, age 100
Charles Micks Gilbert, age 102
Lois Smylie Monez, age 102
Maria Galang, age 102
LaVonne Eyres, age 102
Robert “Sully” Sullivan, age 103
Dorothy Daviner, age 103
Ferril Mulock, age 101
Hazel Booher, age 104
Ellen Lipp, age 99, (turning 100 in October)

From Rio Vista
Rose Blackburn, age 100
Luis Castro, age 101

From Suisun City
Delois “Lois” Brasher, age 100
Tillie Golden, age 102
Lucy Higgs, age 107 (turning 108 in October)
From the City of Vacaville
Ada Dito, age 99 (turning 100 in October)
Ed Dillion, age 100
Virginia Schmid, age 99 (turning 100 in November)
Eva Hoekman, age 100
Cyril O’Neil, age 100
Julia Rico, age 100
Marian Bowen, age 100
Bernice Raemer, age 100
Elizabeth Freeman, age 100 (turning 101 in October)
Leona Elledge, age 101
William Oakes, age 101
Hazel Walters, age 101
Marge Bors, age 101 (turning 102 in November)
Bruce Sooy, age 102
Gerald Simoni, age 102
Barbara Wilkins, age 104
Dorothy Pennycott, age 104
Perle Williams, age 106

From the City of Vallejo
Ollie “Jack” Wallin, age 101
John F. Turk, age 100
Gertrude Calit, age 101
Rachel Brautigan, age 101
Robert “Bob” Daine, age 102
Navarre Marshall, age 102
Ruth Marcacci, age 103
Valerie Haycock, age 107
Reta Wills, age 108

Refreshments will be served following the ceremony in the Board Chambers foyer.  No need to RSVP, simply show up.  Everyone is welcome to stay and enjoy.