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Nut Tree Airport improves aircraft radio communications

August 24, 2018

SOLANO COUNTY – On August 16, 2018, the Solano County Nut Tree Airport activated a new air traffic communication frequency approved by Federal Communications Commission (FCC).  The air traffic frequency is used by pilots to communication with each other.

"With only seven radio frequencies currently available to choose from, air traffic communications can get quite congested – including for both large and small airports operating here in the central valley," said Dave Daly, Solano County Nut Tree Airport manager.  “By working with the local airport community to upgrade the radio communication frequency at Nut Tree, our goal is to improve the overall safety for everyone who enjoys the airport, including pilots, airport employees and the public.”

Following a one-year communications review process conducted by the Airport and the Nut Tree Airport Advisory Committee, including surveying local pilots regarding air traffic communication safety challenges, and monitoring the frequencies of other airports, the FCC approved the change to the airport's air traffic frequency.

The Nut Tree Airport plans to continue to monitor radio communication activity and receive feedback from pilots on the new frequency.

Operating since 1955, the Nut Tree Airport, located in Vacaville, is a 301-acre property that welcomes more than 102,000 aircraft each year.  The airport’s 4,700-foot-long runway can accommodate a variety of aircraft, including single and twin engine airplanes and small and medium sized business jets.

For more information about the new air traffic radio communication frequency and the Nut Tree Airport, visit or call (707) 469-4600.