2020 LNU Lightning Complex Fire

Assisting residents with property clean-up after the fire if they choose NOT to wait for potential State sponsored debris clean-up program; guidelines for safe fire debris and ash removal

SOLANO COUNTY – The Solano County Department of Resource Management, Environmental Health division, is working in coordination the Sheriff’s Office of Emergency Services, local, state and federal partners, to support residents impacted by the LNU Lighting Complex fire, with property clean-up efforts, including fire debris and ash removal guidelines, advice and assistance.

This information is for property owners who choose to cleanup their property on their own, or with a qualified contractor, and decide to NOT wait for the potential State sponsored clean-up program. In any case, property owners must contact Solano County Environmental Health Division for guidance and approval of fire debris removal at (707) 784-6765.

Residents are urged to use extreme caution when removing ash and debris after the fire, as wildfire ash and debris can be hazardous to your health and safety. Environmental Health recommends property owners check with their homeowner’s insurance before any cleanup activities being to verify if cleanup costs are covered, as self-initiated cleanup may preclude property owners from inclusion in state-sponsored cleanup programs, should one be provided later.

The property cleanup process will likely fall into one of three scenarios, ranging from least to most severe fire damage, including:

(1)  Scenario 1: There is ash on the property, but no structures, including the home and any accessory structures are burned
(2)  Scenario 2: Only accessory structures and/or vehicles are burned, and the home is not damaged
(3) Scenario 3: In addition to land and structure damage, the home is also burned

Environmental Health urges all property owners impacted by the LNU Lightning Complex fire to visit www.SolanoCountyRecovers.org for recommendations on the cleanup process – depending on scenario – regarding what PPE and clothing to wear, what tools to use (and not use) and methods of disposal.  Click on the “Property Recovery” icon to learn more about the “Debris and Tree Removal” recommendations.


The public is encouraged to visit the Solano County Virtual Local Assistance Center at www.SolanoCountyRecovers.org for additional resources, including news alerts, active incidents, local assistance center locations and property recovery information.  Residents are also urged to register for the Alert Solano emergency notification system at www.AlertSolano.com for information on severe weather alerts, wildfires and natural disasters.