Solano County Airport Land Use Commission
Solano County Airport Land Use Commission (ALUC)

Department of Resource Management 
675 Texas Street, Suite 5500 Fairfield, CA 94533-6341

(707)784-6765 / (707)784-4805

Agency Director and Title
Terry Schmidtbauer, Director (Interim)

Date of Agency Formation
December 7, 1971

Enabling Legislation 
State Aeronautics Act
Chapter 4, Article 3:5, Section 21670.1

Area Served
898 square miles

Populations Served

History of Agency
Established on December 7, 1971 under Ordinance 781 which granted to the Solano County Airport Advisory Committee the responsibilities of the Airport Land Use Commission.

Services Provided

The Airport Land Use Commission was created to provide for orderly development of public airports in Solano County, as well as area surrounding airports to prevent new noise and safety problems. The Commission prepares Airport Land Use Plans and reviews city and county general plans and zoning for consistency with Airport Land Use Plans.


Major Facilities: None

Other Major Capital Assets: None

Governing Body

                   Term Expire         District/Jursidiction
Mr. Bill Seiden, Chair                   2020                       
District 3
Mr. Bruce DuClair, Vice Chair      2021                       
District 4 
Ms. Catherine Cook                     2019                       
District 1
Ms. Ruth Meyer                           2019                       
District 5
Mr. Thomas Randall                    2020                   Vacaville
Mr. Ross Sagun                           2020                       
District 2
Mr. Dan Sarna                             2023                       
Rio Vista
Mr. Stephen Vancil                       2022                       Fairfield

The Commission consists of 9 members who are appointed to serve four year terms and must be a county resident. Five members that are appointed by the Board of Supervisors are from each supervisorial district, one member from each city containing an airport (Rio Vista and Vacaville), and one member from the City of Vallejo appointed by the Selection Committee of mayors. Five of the total membership must have aviation expertise.
$0 $0The Members also participate in the following subcommittees:

Wildlife Hazard Committee

Dan Sarna, Chair
Thomas Randall
Bruce DuClair
Bill Seiden, Alternate

Wind Turbine Committee
Steve Vancil, Chair
Thomas Randall
Dan Sarna
Catherine Cook 

Member compensation: Members are not financially compensated.

Staffing:Two staff members from the Department of Resource Management