Commission for Women and Girls

The mission of the Solano Commission for Women and Girls (SCWG) is to improve the economic status, health and social welfare, and overall quality of life for women and girls by providing community education and advisement to the Solano County Board of Supervisors. The SCWG was established on April 24th, 2018, by the Solano County Board of Supervisors, held its inaugural meeting on October 17, 2018, and now meets on a monthly basis. The SCWG has formed five committees (Executive Committee, Membership Committee, Communications Committee, and the Status Report Committee, and Events Committee) all of which are meeting regularly and executing the work of the commission.
The SCWG  meets on the third Thursday of every month (except July) from 6-8 pm in the multipurpose room of the County Administration Building located at 675 Texas Street, Fairfield.  The public is welcome to attend.

The SCWG has been charged by the Board of Supervisors to develop a “report card” on the status of women and girls in Solano County and that is their primary purpose for 2019-2020.  The Status Report Committee has been busy gathering information from a multitude of sources and informing the SCWG of their findings, which will be released to the Board of Supervisors and the public in the winter of 2020.  The Communications Committee is actively getting the word out about the commission to their stakeholders and the general public.  They are currently running a logo contest which ends Sept. 8, 2019, to develop a graphic image for SCWG.  See the SCWG Facebook page or contact them at the email address listed below for more information if you would like to participate. The Executive Committee meets regularly to oversee the work of the other committees, answer procedural questions, and develop the agenda for the Commission meetings.

The Commission is diverse and has a full membership body with representatives from each County Supervisor, the seven cities, the Solano County Office of Education, as well as, four at large members (2 adult and 2 youth members).

District 1 Representative, Olivia ARuiz
District 2 Representative, Ana Petero
District 3 Representative, VACANT
District 4 Representative, Jennifer Hamilton
District 5 Representative, Laura Petty

City of Benicia Representative, Gayle Vaughan
City of Dixon Representative, Mary Lou Batchelor
City of Fairfield Representative, Cornelia Gibson
City of Rio Vista Representative, Kay Kelley
City of Suisun Representative, Tiffani Thomas
City of Vacaville Representative, Judi Ruggiero-Ferrara
City of Vallejo Representative, Elease Cheek

Solano County Office of Education Representative, Rochelle Sherlock

Member at Large - Adult, Akon Walker
Member at Large - Adult, Doriss Panduro
Member at Large - Youth, Sakina Ali
Member at Large - Youth, Kaitlyn Dutton

Rochelle Sherlock, Chair - and (707) 718-5637
Laura Petty, Vice-Chair - and (707) 759-2588
Ana Petero, Secretary - and (707) 631-0898
Olivia Ruiz, Treasurer - and (707) 718-2951

Email the commission at
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