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Kirk Starkey, CPA
Deputy Auditor-Controller

Kirk joined the County in February 2015 as the Deputy Auditor-Controller in the Internal Audit Division.  He has over twelve years of auditing experience from working at the Nevada Gaming Control Board and Nevada Division of Internal Audits. 

Kirk received his accounting degree from University of Nevada, Las Vegas in 1996.  Kirk is a Certified Public Accountant and recently obtained a law degree.

Description and Functionality

The Internal Audit Division performs audits and internal control reviews in accordance with an annual Audit Plan; conducts special projects (technical assistance, cost benefit analysis, research, review policy / procedures); monitors all significant audit findings and promotes internal controls.  In addition in 2008 the Internal Audit Division established the Solano County Auditor-Controller’s Whistleblower Program, which is designed to promote and respond to reports of suspected fraud, waste, and abuse within the County.

Our site is designed to provide the Public and County Employees access to useful information and tools in an effort to promote accountability and transparency.

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2008 Peer Review Report
The Solano County Internal Audit activity "is well structured and progressive, where IIA Standards are understood and management is endeavoring to provide useful audit tools and implement appropriate practices." Rodney A Dole—Sonoma County Auditor-Controller Treasurer Tax Collector